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  • 12 Apr 2016 7:43 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Not normally someone who lets things slide , so apologises that's it's been awhile since my last post , yes indeed shout the rest of the committee.!!!!.

    A very busy year for the club , and huge amounts of work goes on behind the scenes in bring events to life for all members. Motorsport and social 2016 events being held as we speak and all the planning for future events never stops. 

    As well as our normal years work we are also hosting this years Subinats , this is going to be a massive event Over the JULY 1 TO 3 weekend, so keep abreast with all that on the forums and web site. 

    Plenty of other things happening and don't forget our monthly meetings. 

    Promise I won't leave it to long till next blog and will catch you at an event soon.

  • 02 Feb 2015 4:37 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon to all,

    Here's hoping everyone had a great Xmas and a safe and enjoyable new year and welcome to 2015. 

    Well as you all will have seen there has been plenty happening around the club as we commence another year .Our Membership numbers are growing month on month and in fact are up by more than 12 % on this time last year ( great effort Samantha). The web site redesign looks fantastic and is a dream to follow up on all club info.(thanks to Kristian for that)

     The Social team have already organised and run a hugely successful first cruise of the year from Montrose to The pub at Portsea which was filled within hours of opening the event with over 30 cars and over 70 members and family for Lunch at Portsea. The team has also run the first round of our Go Kart season , held at Phillip Island last Saturday in conjunction with our motorsport round and we had 21 people participate in the New Karts and great time was had by all .

    As just mentioned we have also hosted the first round of our motorsport season at the fabulous Phillip Island GP track , this event also almost reached its numbers limit that also included a higher percentage of members getting involved than we have seen in the past a great credit to all those involved in getting this event up and running .

    Looking forward we have some great social events coming up including a Dyno day , Albert Park Gp display and our regular monthly meetings. On the Motorsport front we now move onto a round at Sandown on 01/03 followed by Calder on 12/04.

    So as we look forward to what will be a huge year for our club it would be remiss of me not to personally thank the Motorsport and Social teams who via a lot of long hours have forwarded planned most of the year , especially in the motorsport arena . and believe that is why these events meet or go very close to filling to capacity . I would suggest that you all keep in touch with all that's happening around the club via the Web site and forums where you can of course see details of events run , won and all things club related happening in the next few months.

    See you at an event soon.


    Kind Regards

    Kevin Ward

    Club President Oct 2012 - Current. 

  • 25 Nov 2014 9:09 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Well here we are now into late Nov 2014 and speeding towards the end of year , Christmas and welcoming in 2015 . Of course we have our biggest event of the year for all members being our rexmas 2014 celebration at Sandown this Saturday . As anyone who has attend this event previously now know it's one not to be missed and this year looks like being bigger and better. There are always little things that can be done differently and improved from the experience of running events like this and we have hopefully got it a bit better each year as we have gone along . I would on behalf of all, like to thank all those who have put in countless hours to make sure we can run this special event. Well as I still have plenty to do this week , I will keep this short for this time and look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible at Rexmas on super sunny Saturday . Bring it on .

    Kevin Ward

    WRX Club President 2012 - 2015

  • 23 Oct 2014 12:33 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon to all our members;

    Following on from our annual general meeting last Thursday evening 16/10/14 , I would like to thank all members who came along to witness the introduction of your new committee for this next committee term through until October 2015.

    Not only from a club level but also from me personally I would like to thank all the members of the previous committee for all their time and effort spent along with their hard work to make sure our club runs successfully . We have been fortunate to retain most of the previous committee to continue on with the club for at least the next twelve months although some have moved into a different role , this has then enabled new personnel to be added into all areas of this committee.

    It would be remiss of me not to personally thank our out - going treasurer, Colleen Archer and thank her again for all her time in looking after the financial side of our club.

    For your information then I have shown below the complete list of  the new committee personnel (thanks to Snowy for putting the list together)  

    AGM 2014 OFFICIAL RESULTS - New Committee Team 2014/2015




    President - Kevin Ward (Returned)

    Vice President - David Snowball (Previous Secretary)

    Secretary - Michael Ganci (New to Committee this year)

    Treasurer - Daniel Dubois (New to Committee this year)




    Membership Officer – Samantha Fossey (Returned)

    Advertising Officer – Travis Khoury (Previous General Committee member)

    Motorsport Director - Grant Crough (Also Webmaster)

    Motorsport Secretary - Michael Brown (New to Committee this year)

    CAMS State Council Delegate – Lyn Harris (Returned)

    Promotions/Merchandise Officer – Andrew Green & Robert Gosling (Both New)

    Social Officer(s) – Kurt Miglas & Kristian Larsen (Both Returned)

    Technical Officer – Nick Luxton (Returned)

    Webmaster - Grant Crough (Returned)




    Nicholas Shaw (New to Committee this year)

    Darren Fahey (Returned)

    Robert Thompson (Previous Advertising Officer)

    David Wilken (New to Committee this year)

    Stephen Mann (Returned)

    Daniel Sedgman (Previous Motorsport Director)


    Once again we certainly have a very strong committee in place and I look forward to working with them all as we take the club into 2015 and bring you, all our members, plenty of social and motorsport events over the next year.


    Take care out on roads or tracks and see you at an event soon.





    Kevin Ward.


    WRX Club President

    2012 - 2015



  • 07 Jul 2014 5:15 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon to all,

    Well here we are well into the mid year/Mid winter part of 2014 and that time of year when we wonder why we clean our cars on Saturday only for them to look like its done the WRC round by mid week .

    Its certainly been an exciting year for Subaru with the launch of the new WRX and followed slightly later by the STI version . The club held two very enjoyable evening events in conjunction with the arrival of these new cars , the first at the official Victorian launch at Docklands with the WRX and the second with both the WRX and the WRX STI at Subaru Glen Waverley . We had great attendances to both these events and it was great for all the committee to be there and catch up with members both old and new and at the Docklands event to spend sometime with both Cody Crocker and Dean Herridge.

    We have a few new members whom have joined after purchasing the new model and some existing members that have now purchased new , so it would be interesting to get their thoughts on the new models ,maybe a new member would start a forum thread and see where it goes from there.

    Well plenty of other things both social and motorsport happening around the club so keep up to date with that on the web site and via the forum. If anyone has any other ideas for any club events that maybe of interest to our members just email that to social@wrx.com.au as we are always looking to do something different and interesting.

    So had best be on my way down the road again , and yes honestly I did wash it last weekend but looking at it now you may well question that !!.

    Stay safe wherever / whatever you drive and will see you at an event soon. 



  • 11 Nov 2013 5:32 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Hi to all,

    Been a while since my last blog, and thought i would make this a more personal update on a couple of car events happening in my world.

     Last saturday i was fortunate to be at Rally Drive in Bacchus Marsh for a drive and passenger session in a couple of ex Rally Subaru's . The event was a gift for Fathers day this year from my two sons. One of which came out with me and snapped a couple of shots of his old man trying to make some dust and keep the thing just about on track. The 'drive' car was an RS version which was certainly quick enough for me as a first timer on the dirt, with the passenger lap being in an STI version so completely sideways for most of the lap . A very good morning and one i would highly recommend.

    The second part of this Rally week for me is as an official at the ARC/VRC round this weekend based at Lardner Park with action all over the forest sections around Noojee/ Powelltown etc. There really are some excellent spectator sections and fairly close to home for a lot of us and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to see the best in the country travelling quick and sideways on some awesome forest roads. Rest assured these guys and girls will be a lot quicker than i was.!!

    So thats about it for this time , if anyone is thinking of the Rally Drive experience log on to rallydrive.com.au.

    Stay safe wherever you drive and will see you at an event soon.


  • 22 Oct 2013 7:40 AM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Hi to all our Members,

    So the AGM has been held and we now move into a new Committee term 2013-2014. I would firstly like to thank those committee team members, that have stepped down from Committee at the end of the previous term, for all the work , hours and dedication you applied over the previous 12 Months. It really has been a huge team effort to track(pardon the pun) the club in the right direction and we all appreciate your efforts.

    Moving on then i am pleased to say that most of your previous committee have decided to continue on with the running of this great club and say that i am extremely proud to be heading up this great group of people for another term. Further to that of course i would personally like to welcome those members that have now stepped up and joined our committee and look forward to working with you all during the 2013-2014 term.

    Regards to all and catch you at a club event soon

    Kev Ward

    Club President 2012-2014

  • 18 Sep 2013 1:05 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Good afternoon again,

    Just a follow up on my earlier post (Busy Times 1) .

    This time of year is always a busy time with families , social activities and of course the lead up to Christmas , sorry to mention that but its not far off.

    Also this time of year is also the end of the term for your current committee as all positions are declared vacant at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the October General meeting on 17th October 2013.

    I note this now as all members will be receiving an AGM meeting email shortly containing attachments for nomination forms and also a Postal Vote form. We would obviously encourage you all to be in attendance in person at the AGM but if you are unavailable on the night you still have the means to nominate or indeed cast a vote for any of the Nominees once they are listed.

    If for some reason you haven't received this aforementioned email within the next week or so , please contact us via membership@wrx.com.au to further cross check we still have you correct contact details listed.

    Further to this keep an eye on the front page of our web site for all upcoming social, meetings and motorsport events and remember this months General meeting tomorrow night is being hosted at Tuspeed in Coburg from 7.00pm. Next month we move back to our regular space at the Village Green for the AGM.

    Regards to all stay safe out there on the roads , catch you all again soon.

  • 16 Sep 2013 4:23 PM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon to all members,

    Been awhile since any updates from myself , with every aspect of life seeming really busy at present .

     On the club front we have just received notification from Consumer Affairs that our new/revised/updated club rules have been fully accepted .These rules were official sanction by them and we now operate the club as of 5th September 2013 under these rules. The formation of these rules required a large amount of work and i would personally like to thank all involved on a job well done , and to all those members whom sat through a very productive general meeting in June and followed that up with the July meeting and Vote.

    This is a process that had to be undertaken and its great we got it sorted at the first attempt and the club can now move forward with all the required rules in place.

    The new club rules will be available for all as they will be posted on the web site during this week.

    Catch you all at an event soon.

  • 28 Jul 2013 11:05 AM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

    Hi there to all our members .

    Just had time to take a breath after such busy times so thought I would provide an update on a few points from the presidents seat.

    Firstly then to the July general meeting held on 18/07 at the Village Green ;- as most/all of you will know the club committee has been working for a fare while on updating the club rules in line with new guidelines as proposed by the Consumer affairs dept. These had been advertised to members prior to this meeting and needed to be voted on by a quorum of members actually present at a general meeting. The quorum we needed to achieve is 10% of the current membership and therefore a big thank you must go out to all who attended on the night, when in fact we had well in excesss of our required numbers. With the quorum of members present the committee was able to present the two versions of the proposed club rules to which all listened closely and this then lead onto an excellent open discussion with questions and answers coming from the committee and all parts of the attending membership. Following this we were able to hold the vote on whether to adopt version V1 of the proposed rules or move to adopt version V2 ( both versions - members would have seen previously via various posts and emails ). So moving on from all the hard work put in by all concerned the membership voted in Version V2 of the new club rules. It is now down to the committee to finalise all paperwork involved with this and officially lodge with the Consumer Affairs department. Once this has taken place the club will formally advise all with the avalability of the new rules. On closing this issue for now I and on behalf of all your commiittee once again thank all who attend on that evening to not only take part in the vote but also take part in the on the night club raffle for a chance to win a set of coil overs for their car. Certainly an awesome prize and the end to a very suuccesfull July club meeting.

    Moving on from July and looking forward for the next couple of months ;- The normal 3rd thursday night of the monthly meeting has been cancelled for August and instead moved forward to a Saturday meeting incorporating a Dyno day to be hosted at Subaru Docklands. This will take place from 9.30am on Saturday 10/08 all members will have recieved an email or two regarding this event which will have been sent to the email address we have listed for you via membership. I might point out here if you haven't recieved said email then contact membership@wrx.com.au and check/update your details. Following on from August comes September, yes i know it happens every year!! the September meeting with all details is to be finally confirmed, but will take place at TuSpeed in Coburg, the home of one of our long standing Club Supporters, check them out at www.tuspeed.com.au

    In closing of this latest Presidents blog I would just like to add, keep updated on all motorsport and social events that are upcoming via our front web page and remember only the next 3 events are shown due to space restrictions but other events of interest are all listed in the background and the next event will be automatically dropped from the list as it takes place and the updated items appear.

    Don't also forget that all your committee are available via email e.g president@wrx.com.au or motorsport@wrx.com.au etc etc. Stay safe on the roads / tracks or wherever you drive and see you at an event shortly.

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