Monthly Meeting updates

28 Jul 2013 11:05 AM | Kevin Ward (Administrator)

Hi there to all our members .

Just had time to take a breath after such busy times so thought I would provide an update on a few points from the presidents seat.

Firstly then to the July general meeting held on 18/07 at the Village Green ;- as most/all of you will know the club committee has been working for a fare while on updating the club rules in line with new guidelines as proposed by the Consumer affairs dept. These had been advertised to members prior to this meeting and needed to be voted on by a quorum of members actually present at a general meeting. The quorum we needed to achieve is 10% of the current membership and therefore a big thank you must go out to all who attended on the night, when in fact we had well in excesss of our required numbers. With the quorum of members present the committee was able to present the two versions of the proposed club rules to which all listened closely and this then lead onto an excellent open discussion with questions and answers coming from the committee and all parts of the attending membership. Following this we were able to hold the vote on whether to adopt version V1 of the proposed rules or move to adopt version V2 ( both versions - members would have seen previously via various posts and emails ). So moving on from all the hard work put in by all concerned the membership voted in Version V2 of the new club rules. It is now down to the committee to finalise all paperwork involved with this and officially lodge with the Consumer Affairs department. Once this has taken place the club will formally advise all with the avalability of the new rules. On closing this issue for now I and on behalf of all your commiittee once again thank all who attend on that evening to not only take part in the vote but also take part in the on the night club raffle for a chance to win a set of coil overs for their car. Certainly an awesome prize and the end to a very suuccesfull July club meeting.

Moving on from July and looking forward for the next couple of months ;- The normal 3rd thursday night of the monthly meeting has been cancelled for August and instead moved forward to a Saturday meeting incorporating a Dyno day to be hosted at Subaru Docklands. This will take place from 9.30am on Saturday 10/08 all members will have recieved an email or two regarding this event which will have been sent to the email address we have listed for you via membership. I might point out here if you haven't recieved said email then contact and check/update your details. Following on from August comes September, yes i know it happens every year!! the September meeting with all details is to be finally confirmed, but will take place at TuSpeed in Coburg, the home of one of our long standing Club Supporters, check them out at

In closing of this latest Presidents blog I would just like to add, keep updated on all motorsport and social events that are upcoming via our front web page and remember only the next 3 events are shown due to space restrictions but other events of interest are all listed in the background and the next event will be automatically dropped from the list as it takes place and the updated items appear.

Don't also forget that all your committee are available via email e.g or etc etc. Stay safe on the roads / tracks or wherever you drive and see you at an event shortly.

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