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Sandown Trackday plus Come & Try

  • 14 May 2023
  • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sandown Raceway, 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171
  • 71


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:


There is a lot to get through, but all of the information is important and being familiar with it will make your day enjoyable and as safe as possible. If you have any questions, please let us know via email. motorsport@wrx.com.au

You MUST read the supplementary regulations below, these have been recently heavily revised so make sure even if you are a regular you read them carefully.

We also have prepared a guide to motorsport, we recommend every entrant, especially if you are new to track days to have a read

Supplementary Regulations

Guide to Motorsport

When & Where:

7am till 5pm 14th May 2023

Sandown Raceway

What do you need to enter:

  • A valid Motorsport Australia Speed or higher license
    But what if you don't have one?
    You first need to be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club like ours. You can join here Join Us. You don't need a Subaru to enter by the way
    You can apply for a license here Motorsport Australia Registration
  • If this is your first time doing a track day, enter as Come & Try. This doesn't require a license or to be a member, although if you have one that's ok too. Just note, these are untimed sessions with a provided instructor.
  • A vehicle to drive that meets Motorsport Australia guidelines, and our supp regs (links below, see your vehicle section)
  • A suitable helmet. Minimum is a helmet that meets AS 1698, but a motorsport specific helmet is strong recommended. See link for further details Motorsport Australia Schedule D
  • Suitable apparel. Minimum is covered from ankle to wrist in cotton and closed toe shoes. Our long sleeve motorsport shirts are perfect for this. WRX Shop See link for further details Motorsport Australia Schedule D


Club members get significant discounts to all track days

  • Members Early Bird: $235 (until 23rd April)
  • Members: $250
  • Non-Members: $280
  • Come & Try: $265

If you register from 8th May

  • Late Member: $265
  • Late Non-Member: $295

Your vehicle:

  • We accept all makes and models. While we love our Subaru's, we often have a significant number of non-Subaru's at our track days.
  • You're vehicle must comply with the Motorsport Australia technical regulations as well as our supp regs
  • You MUST read and understand our Supplementary Regulations (link below in before event section). Our supp regs reference the specific part of the Motorsport Australia Technical Manual that you need to pay most attention to. However we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the manual.
    It can get quite technical, and can be confusing. But don't worry, get in contact with us and we are happy to assist in answering or explaining anything
  • Our scrutineers have put together some additional notes that are worth looking at before the event Common Faults Speed Events Guide

What you must do before the event:

  • You MUST read our Supplementary Regulations
  • The week prior to the event an electronic Self-Scrutiny form will be emailed out. Check over your vehicle carefully, filling out the form as you go and then submit it. If you have trouble with this, you can download a form, fill it out and bring it on the day Self Scrutiny Form
  • Make sure you can get to your Motorsport Australia license via their App or have the physical license
  • Make sure you have something to show you are a current member of a car club. Eg membership card, or can show it on your phone

What you must do when you arrive at the event:

  • Get there as early as possible, strongly recommend getting to the gate before 7am
  • Once you arrive, get to drivers sign on. Its in the garage directly below the control tower. Bring along your Motorsport Australia License and car club membership details
  • Check over your car again, especially checking for loose items
  • Mount any camera's or devices securely, adding required tethering
  • Unlock the car, put you're helmet on your seat, open your bonnet and boot. This way our scrutineers can come and inspect the car even if you're busy
    Our scrutineers have your safety, the safety of other drivers and our officials as their primary focus. So if they offer advice or feedback please listen and be respectful. If you disagree or don't understand, politely ask them to explain further. They are happy to do so, and can even point you towards the appropriate documentation.
  • Mount your timing dorian. These often arrive around 8am, we will announce this over the PA. These should be mounted low as possible to the ground, and outside the vehicle. Cable tied to lower bumper, or lots of tape holding it to a side skirt is popular. Other you can use a reusable shopping bag tied to seat belt, and sticking out the back door low down.
  • Be at drivers briefing several minutes before it starts.

During the day:

  • Listen out for PA announcements
  • Stay out of pit lane. There is a line a couple of meters out from the garages. Stay behind this at all times. And do not cross pit lane to get to the track fence
  • Our scrutineers will be wandering around from 7am throughout most the day randomly selecting vehicles to audit.

Food & Drink:

  • Food is BYO
  • A coffee van


SMS Brendan at Sandown on 0403189352 to book a garage. Staff from Sandown will come round during the day for payment. 

Come & Try:

  • Any driver that enters as Come & Try or is participating at their first track day will be placed in the Come & Try group.
  • No passengers are allowed with a Come & Try driver
  • All Come & Try sessions will be untimed
  • Instructors approved by the club at drivers sign in will be permitted 
  • Come & Try license fee is inc in entry
  • We will provide a specific Come & Try drivers briefing after the main drivers briefing, you need to attend both briefings.


  • Refunds can be given up until 5pm the day entries close. After that we will offer a credit towards a future track day, or can offer a refund minus the processing fee.
  • No refunds will be given if you fail to comply with the supplementary regulations or the Motorsport Australia regulations


If you have any questions at all, please contact motorsport@wrx.com.au or you can message us on Facebook


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