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    • 21 Nov 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Revolution Race Gear 592 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham, 3132

    November General Meeting and 2020 Motorsport Information Night


    The Impreza Wrx Club Victoria invites you to join us for our November general meeting  and motorsport information night at Revolution Racegear on Thursday November 21st. 

    With new safety regulations from CAMS coming into effect in January, this night is a must for anybody considering participating in our motorsport evets in 2020.

     As an added bonus, Revolution Racegear will be offering exclusive discounts on the night!

    All members, friends, family, as well as non members more than welcome!

    Pizza and soft drink / water will be provided.

    Registering for the event is not Mandatory, but will be greatly appreciated as it will help us estimate numbers for catering purposes.

    • 15 Dec 2019
    • 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    • Sandown Park Raceway
    • 80

    REXMAS is the ultimate club event for both Social and Motorsport. Catering for the whole family, this event has something for everyone.

    This event has been designed to thank all our club members and its affiliates. Rexmas is an opportunity to showcase the WRX Club and provide the ultimate experience to our friends, family and sponsors.


    If you've never been on the track, but always wanted to then come and have a go, this is the day for you! The track day will be non timed (non competitive) and limited to 80% pace. The emphasis is on fun and safety.
    Fire extinguishers can be purchased from the club and  "Come and Try" Licences can be issued to you on the day (Additional $30 - EFTPOS ONLY)
    Passengers are able to go for a ride with registered drivers to experience the thrill of the track.
    (Except with the drivers holding a Come & Try Licence)  see passenger section below for more info!

    The Rexmas Show & Shine is designed to allow owners to show off all the hard work they have spent making their car unique. Don’t miss the opportunity to let others appreciate our cars and the passion we have for the Subaru brand.

    In keeping with the carnival atmosphere and Christmas theme, there will be FREE Face painting, Balloon artists, 
    Colouring in, Guess the jelly bean competition, Slushies, popcorn, a Jumping Castle and maybe even an appearance from Santa

    We will also present our Motorsport Trophies for the 2019 season during the course of our celebrations.

    Members and all Drivers will be provided with a FREE breakfast and coffee as well as provided meal vouchers of a set value redeemable at Food vendors stalls on the day for lunch and dinner.

    Non Members/Spectators can purchase Lunch/Dinner directly from Food Vendors.

    Soft drink available for a gold coin donation to the cancer council, bottled water is free of charge.


    7:00am  Gates Open 
    7:15am Driver Sign-in Open
    7:30am Breakfast & Coffee available
                 Scrutineering Opens
    8:40am Compulsory Briefing for all drivers
    9:00am Track Opens
    11:00am Jumping Castle (until 3:00pm)
    11:00am Subaru Car Show & Shine
    11:30am Face Painting & Balloon Artist (Until 2:30pm)
    12:30pm Lunch Break & Motorsport Trophy Presentation
    1:00pm Santa Arrives
    2:00pm Subaru Car Show & Shine Awards Announced
    4:30pm Track Closes
    5:00pm Nibbles and Drinks


    Entrants, Please read the Supplementary Regulations carefully and make sure you understand the changes from a normal sprint day. The paramount objective is to share our passion for these vehicles in a safe environment. Only cars that have two seats in them and can carry passengers will be accepted.


    Drivers please note the 75 dB(A) noise limit. Make sure your AASA club racing licence (or equivalent CAMS L2S or higher)  is current. The gate to the pits will be open from 7:00am.

    Track closes for driving at 4:30pm.


    The Impreza WRX Club Rexmas event is designed to showcase motorsport to family and friends of drivers. As a result, it is important to note this should not be treated like a normal sprint day. Safety is of primary concern due to a mix of vehicles with and without passengers in the car. The event is limited to a MAXIMUM OF 80% OF THE DRIVERS CAPABILITY AT THIS CIRCUIT and will be strictly policed throughout the day.

    The Clerk of Course will refer any competitor or driver to the Stewards of the event, and recommend a penalty of automatic exclusion, for any driver who:

    • Drives with four (4) wheels off the defined track surface;
    • Overtakes another vehicle in a manner not in accordance with the WRX Overtaking Policy and Procedures;
    • Overtaking in a manner that causes the overtaken vehicle to deviate their line or take avoiding action;
    • Over driving as exhibited by getting their vehicle regularly out of shape, control or being involved in a spin.
    • Any other driving deemed unsafe by the Clerk of Course or other Officials on the day.

    Come and Try registrants with an AASA Day Licence will be placed in a beginners group and only be eligible to have other fully licenced (AASA Club Racing Licence or approved equivalent) drivers that are registered for the event as driver instructors. General Passengers are not permitted in the vehicles of Come and Try drivers.


    *All Drivers must have read and agreed to the supp regs before signing up to this event


    Passengers must be a minimum of 15 years of age and must sign the appropriate disclaimer. Passengers under the age of 18 must have a signed disclaimer from their parent or legal guardian. Passengers will be provided a special wrist band once the appropriate disclaimer has been collected. The wrist bands will be checked upon entry to the circuit. Passengers will only be allowed in vehicles with an AASA Club Racing Licence or approved equivalent or higher.

    Come and Try registrants with an AASA Day Licence will be placed in a beginners group and only be eligible to have other fully licenced (AASA Club Racing Licence or approved equivalent) drivers that are registered for the event as driver instructors. General Passengers are not permitted in the vehicles of Come and Try drivers.

    Fully Licenced Drivers may have different passengers during the day however only one passenger is allowed in a vehicle at any one time.

    Sandown Raceway
    591-659 Princes Highway, Springvale VIC 3171


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